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The expansive IT field keeps your business running safely and efficiently. It covers everything from cybersecurity to the software and hardware you use to tackle your organization’s day-to-day. But what is managed IT? You’ve undoubtedly heard the term – and you may even trust it as a valuable service without knowing too much about it.

Whether your business is small, medium or large, the managed IT services business model benefits just about any business. Other companies (likely your competitors) are taking notice, causing the demand to skyrocket.

What is Managed IT? It’s the Tech Support Your Business Needs So You Can Focus on Growth

Managed IT – short for information technology – services include any information technology service and support strategized and directed by a third-party firm via “the cloud.” IT firms (like ours) may provide 24/7 monitoring of your systems, proactive support, and time-sensitive troubleshooting and repairs that may be required before your in-house tech team spots a problem.

Some other examples of managed IT support include:

Having access to these solutions is great, but Managed IT as a service can streamline your business on a grander scale. Here’s how:

Managed IT Fills In-House Gaps in Experience & Expertise

Sometimes your in-house IT staff just doesn’t have the knowhow. We find this often with small and medium-sized organizations whose “professional tech” bandwidth is a “team of one” or simply a staff member who happens to have a bit of tech literacy.

Trained IT service professionals fill gaps your in-house staff can’t. IT infrastructure, software and apps require special skills that can’t just be “picked up along the way.” Adapting to new tech requires quickly acquiring and mastering new skills that may sometimes be needed only once. 

So you have a choice: spend time, money and precious resources training your staff with each update or program addition, or you can let a managed IT services firm do what it does best – manage IT while you focus on growth and goals.

Managed IT Ensures Compliance 

How often do you consider compliance regulations for your business – and potentially clients with loads of private data to protect? How well do you know the rules? Managed IT ensures compliance with frequently updated regulations and standard protocols safeguarding finances and individual rights.

Business leaders – especially in e-commerce, healthcare, retail, education, finance and law –  MUST maintain compliance to protect these vulnerable spaces. So managed IT is a critical barrier against data breaches resulting in fines (and worse). Managed IT services may assume the burden of continually researching what’s needed to maintain compliance and coordinating those measures correctly. Don’t leave compliance with national and even global regulations to chance.

Managed IT Streamlines Operations

As a business leader, you know the value of the most straight-forward, streamlined path forward. The last thing you need is parts of your business in bits and pieces, operating in silos, often leaving you as the decision-maker out of the loop.

Managed IT centralizes and streamlines tasks like monitoring, data storage/protection, cybersecurity and overall system management. The result? There can be no ambiguity as to who’s responsible for what functions and who will work to solve problems as they arise.

Managed IT Allows Simplifies the Workplace Tech Experience

Centralized management of tasks reduces the infrastructure, resources and associated costs required to run IT for business. Even a small or operations can require immense technical capacity.  

Managed IT reduces overall infrastructure costs. It also creates a uniform technology experience for all administrators and staff. 

And there’s also the flexibility component that managed IT provides. Whether employees work in your office, remotely or both, they can work with the system and enjoy the same speed and security as your headquarters provides. 

Managed IT Keeps You Ahead of the Tech Curve

Your managed IT service provider has an important job – to keep client organizations functioning efficiently and safely in the digital realm. To do this effectively, IT professionals must always be learning, training and gaining experience managing systems. By choosing a third-party firm, you benefit from their ever-improving expertise and investment in tech to stay on the cutting edge without having to sacrifice your valuable business management time and resources.

Get Back to Running Your Business. Choose a Managed IT Firm To Do the Hard Work

So what is managed IT? It’s your organization’s ticket to getting back to business. With the pros of cost savings, time savings/consistency, cutting-edge technology at your fingertips/innovation, increased IT staff productivity and efficiency, managed IT would be a great addition to any business. 

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