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Cyber criminals are constantly implementing new technologies that make their job easier – hacking your business systems and stealing your data for BIG money. So wouldn’t it make sense to have the best cybersecurity system available to fight back and protect your business data. Extended Detection & Response (XDR) is that latest system, and Acme Business partners with SentinelOne to always be a step ahead.

We always recommend business owners work to understand the tools at their disposal, even if they have dedicated IT staff or managed IT services doing the heavy lifting. So let’s understand XDR as a resource for your organizational network protection.

What is Extended Detection and Response (XDR)?

To better understand Extended Detection and Response, it’s best to look at what came before it. Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) were tools used for the detection of suspicious activity on endpoints – potentially vulnerable entryways to your business networks and systems including devices used both within and outside the office. EDR tools were designed to identify anomalous activities and alert security teams to trigger further investigation, but they’re not easily scalable because they’re resource intensive.

XDR is relatively new. It encompasses endpoint security and is capable of expanding to protect the attack surface which includes networks and the cloud. This is ideal for businesses that intend to grow (which we’re sure includes you).

With how dynamic technology is and the ever-changing threat landscape many businesses are opting to move from an on-premises network that is bound by a perimeter, to a cloud-powered infrastructure like SentinelOne. XDR even extends beyond these endpoints and can act across an entire business’s network and email services. SentinelOne XDR has the capacity for threat detection and hunting to reveal any threats lurking in the shadows and eradicate them.

What Can XDR Do?

Overall, XDR can do several useful things for a business of any size. XDR can analyze and identify all internal and external data to find all potential vulnerabilities. It can track threats detected in the system and uncover those hiding inside a system. XDR also correlates and confirms alerts automatically and then performs comprehensive analytics across all threat sources. XDR uses machine learning for these tasks to identify normal patterns and act when something is out of the ordinary.

Let Acme Business Handle Your Cybersecurity with Extended Detection and Response

Acme Business is committed to ensuring your business cybersecurity are met and that you are well protected – at ALL times and against ALL threats.

If you’re interested in learning more about managed IT and cybersecurity services, chat with the experts here at Acme Business. We work alongside noted cybersecurity partners like SentinelOne, as well as data management systems by Kyocera, among many other products and services. Acme Business owner James Finch, Jr. also leads his team with a Level 4 Security Awareness certification, the highest offered by the Criminal Justice Information Services.

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