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We talk so much about endpoint security systems. They’re a vital component to any well-rounded business cybersecurity strategy.

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But let’s discuss it more – with a little more depth and perspective as to why endpoint security is such a powerful tool against sophisticated cybercriminals.

Endpoint Security For Business: Stop Cybercriminals From Getting Access in the First Place

Endpoint security is protecting a network by securing all possible entry points (endpoints) on the attack surface. Endpoints are devices that are connected to the target network. These can include laptops, cell phones and other personal devices, in addition to computers and devices proprietary to your business.

Not having endpoint security means a successful attack on a business can negatively impact revenues, expenses and cash flows. Hackers can access business data and hold it for ransom, collect personal and confidential information, and do so many other terrible things that can negatively impact your business. All the more important is to invest in a safeguard like our cybersecurity partner SentinelOne that has the right processes and technologies to protect your business.

Without an endpoint security system, like SentinelOne, a business cannot detect and respond to cyberattacks fast enough. All it takes is one unknown device to log onto your system – perhaps as innocent as a co-worker logging on at home from a personal smartphone – and your entire system could be at risk. Not only does it offer you data security, but having endpoint security can also protect you against malware, spyware and other common cyber attacks.

Endpoint Security Helps Prevent Financial Losses & Damages

Financial losses from not having an endpoint security system can be severe. Immediate costs may include ransom payments, extortion fees and damage to IT infrastructure.

But the long-term effects and ramifications of an attack are not often discussed. Costs can pile up to months of legal fees, indefinite downtime for your devices, and damage to your company and reputation. Having an endpoint security system can prevent you from sinking large sums of money to remedy these potentially devastating problems.

The Many Benefits of Endpoint Security Systems

Having an endpoint security system builds resilience against cyberattacks and allows business leaders to focus on the success and growth of the business. (That should be the priority, right?) It protects your business – and its valuable data and information – from all possible attack points.

Endpoint security systems block malicious software before it can cause havoc on your devices. All this while mitigating the further risks of data loss, malware infection and various other cyber threats.

Improve your overall risk management by implementing SentinelOne and Acme Business policies, procedures and cybersecurity services. Not only will you keep your business safe, but you will also build a positive reputation within your client base by being responsible and prepared.

With the risk and benefit in mind, it’s important to us at Acme Business to prevent these incidents by ensuring every device is well fortified. Give us a call at (716) 372-1325 or visit our website to research the best plan for your business. Follow us on LinkedIn, too!