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Many people think that cyber security refers to the software and monitoring that protect their email, operating system, network, and printing devices from malicious attack or data theft. True, this is a large and important part of cyber security for business. But employees also play a significant role in making sure your company is protected.

Business data is more vulnerable than ever before. Cyber security is a necessity to efficiently operate your business but it’s also critical for protecting your customers’ information. Following IT best practices goes beyond using the latest technology at your company; it’s about staying ahead of risks and disasters that have the potential to harm your business. 

Below are aspects and features of cyber security every business owner should know. If you have any questions concerning your business’s cyber security, call the proactive Acme Business Team! With their team of experts they’ll make sure your company’s system is up to date and ahead of the dark web, the hackers and such.

Employee Education

Most major security breaches involve an employee action that enabled hackers to gain access to the system. Employees must be educated on network security best practices. Your employees should be your human firewall.

Email Filtering

The filtering of spam and virus infected email should occur outside your firewall. Not only does this reduce the amount of traffic on your internet connection, it ensures that email-based malicious code never enters your network. Additionally, you can set up your firewall to only accept email from a known source, your email filtering service specifically.

Web Filtering

Employees should be prevented from accessing websites that are known malicious sites. This is not simply a matter of making sure that users are not wasting time or exhibiting questionable taste. This is about real threats to your network.


This is the cyber front door to your organization. Just like your physical front door, it should be locked down and only authorized traffic should be allowed through.

Network Access Control

Only authorized devices should be allowed to connect to your network. In the case of wireless devices, access should be limited to only resources necessary to do business. For example, wireless guest access should only allow users to get to the internet but not have any visibility to internal network resources inside your DMZ (Inside your network that is).

Network Security Monitoring

Just like you might have motion sensors in your office to detect suspicious movements when you are not there, you should have monitoring on your network to detect suspicious traffic. Similar to your physical security, this may be a service provided by a third party and directed by Acme Business.

OS Security Patches

Operating Systems (OS) are constantly being updated with security patches as vulnerabilities are discovered. Failure to apply these patches and reboot systems regularly leaves an organization vulnerable to exploits by hackers. Once a patch is released, the entire hacker community is aware of the vulnerability.

Sentinel One (Beyond Antivirus)

Viruses, hacking, trickbots, phishing, spear phishing, spam and malware are all bad things and ways systems are vulnerable. At Acme Business we partner with Sentinel One which is artificial intelligence driven software, when configured this software stops possible damage, including ransomware. 

Webroot, Symantec, McAfee all have a long list of being hacked by web invaders. You will never see this with Sentinel One, why?  Sentinel One software thinks independently, it learns your machine. Using deep heuristics it acts the millisecond something isn’t fitting protocol. We stand behind this software so much that each computer is covered with 1,000,000.00 dollars of insurance protection. This software is simply just that good.

Application Security Patches

Similar to an OS, applications are regularly updated to address newly discovered vulnerabilities. Something as simple as opening a PDF file can put an organization at risk if the application is not up to standard.

At Acme Business it’s our fundamental duty to follow best practices of all vendors in your network.  If your current MSP, IT, Computer Vendor does not currently perform the above, please be concerned and be aware your time in the safe zone is limited

Without following best practices you are at risk of not following the laws of cyber management. Whether you fall under HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, ISO9000, or simply the Shield Act, Acme Business can speak to your vulnerabilities and help you decide the best practices of your business. Let us here at Acme Business, help you be successful!