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As we all know many businesses took a remote approach during the times of the pandemic. Remote work allowed businesses to stay in business and still be able to work with one another throughout the day as if it was a normal business day. With Covid-19 starting to become more under control, offices are beginning to open back up and welcome their doors to employees and customers alike. While this is great, many businesses are allowing a hybrid approach. This option of the hybrid work approach is only pushing our businesses more into the future and allowing us to progress further as there are even less limits now for getting work done and being connected. The hybrid work approach has many advantages to it and should be strongly recommended to any business that can efficiently use it, but it does come with its downfall. The major downfall of the hybrid work approach is the risk it poses on the security of your business’s network and everything that is stored and connected to it. To properly protect your network while remaining in a hybrid work environment, there are some major areas Acme Business and Kyocera recommend every business should secure to do so.

The first major area every business should secure is their data. Businesses in a hybrid work environment should strongly consider adding a document management system. The document management system along with many of its key features will greatly reduce your risk of any hacker attacking your network and improve your security of your data greatly. Key features of a document management system include secure sharing of digital files, secure backup and storage, access to controls and monitoring, user authentication and data encryption. At Acme business we have the document management system your business needs, can set it up and maintenance it all, so that way your business can be rest assured their data is secured for working in a hybrid environment.

Another key area businesses need to secure that is often overlooked is the cloud. Many businesses believe that because it is under a provider its solely the providers responsibility to provide a safe and secure service, but it is just as much on the business as well. Protecting your cloud data in a hybrid work environment is not challenging however, and half the battle is knowing you need to protect. As always educate your staff on this risk so they know and don’t become faulty to the mistake of putting the business at risk over an avoidable mistake. On top of that always make sure you are using strong passwords, keeping them only to those that need them and using encryption services. Acme business can help you know you are always staying on top of your files and are monitoring, controlling, and always limiting access to them, as we want you to know that your network and cloud are always in good hands.

The last major area that poses a huge risk to your hybrid work environment is your endpoints, being mobile devices and printers. The risk is imposed with the employees that are working from home, their own personal devices are the risk. Sending and sharing files though personal laptops/phones or faxing/printing a file to someone’s personal printer poses great risks for attackers, as most don’t have the security that office products do. That’s why we at Acme recommend you work with us and have Endpoint Security installed. Endpoint security software is a program that is installed on laptops, desktops, and/or servers that protects them from the slew of attacks that can infect an endpoint. Acme partnered with Sentinel One’s endpoint security offers 24/7 monitoring and is the best option out there to ensure your businesses endpoints are always secured.

The hybrid work environment is a great step towards the future for businesses as it provides connectivity and work to get done whenever and wherever is necessary. Although it imposes more risks to network security than just working in the office. That is why in the hybrid work environment it is more important than ever to partner with a great IT/cybersecurity company like Acme Business. If you need help making sure your business is protected from all the risks a hybrid work environment poses, want us to secure your printing and/or your network, have any questions or want to schedule a free consultation, call us today at (716)372-1325, visit our website, or follow and message us on LinkedIn/Facebook!