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Kyocera is a world leader in innovative, high-quality products using advanced materials and components. Manufacturing printers, cellular devices, solar cells, and components for high-end electronics, Kyocera continues to be a respected and reliable source of goods worldwide.

Kyocera was founded in 1959 by Kazuo Inamori. Originally manufacturing ceramic insulators for TVs. As technology advanced, Kyocera began to manufacture ceramic semiconductors for companies in Silicon Valley and NASA. As they began to grow, they branched out into many other areas of technology and goods: Knives, pens, computer equipment, radio equipment, and much more.

As they continued to grow, they began to work into printers and multi-functional printers (MFP).  With their acquisition of Mita Industrial in 2000, they rebranded into Kyocera Mita Corporation. They began to explore wireless technology and other wireless communications. Creating satellite phones for Iridium network, they also began to create mobile phones for the North American market.

A well-respected company, Kyocera is on the forefront of creating a sustainable business model, ranked 3rd in the world for this. They are also ranked 14th in the world for human capital sustainability. Ever eco-conscious, they have implemented many programs and ideas to help with recycling, environmental safety, biodiversity, water risk, and more.

We here at Acme are a proud silver partner with Kyocera. Let us help you find the right Kyocera product for your business. From desktop printers to Large MFPs with blazing fast print capabilities, we can find what’s right for your company!

 “Do the right thing as a human being” – Dr. Kazuo Inamori, founder of Kyocera.