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Your business data is precious, so Acme Business ensures the best cyber protection and other IT-related services we can. Regularly doing data backups is one of the best practices we use at Acme Business.

But it’s also important to know why it is a best practice. As with anything that may benefit your business or organization, it’s not enough just to know it should be done. The “why” behind it all can help to inform and solidify your business strategy – and to plan valuable resources to implement it correctly. Any discerning business owner, like yourself, would agree.

Keeping your business prepared for when an attack or data breach occurs is why Acme Business has one ready to deploy for emergencies for our valued customers (and ourselves).

What Are Data Backups?

A data backup is a safety net in case a serious incident occurs and somehow your information is a victim of a primary data failure. Primary data failures can be hardware or software failures, data corruption, or bad actors online looking for financial gain (or simply to sow chaos). Human causes can stem from malicious attacks like viruses and malware or something as simple as a user accidentally removing data.

Accidents do happen.

Computers have hard drives and solid state drives, and these can be used for years with proper care and can cause very few issues. Electronic devices do have common weaknesses however, they are not immune to electrical shorts or physical damage. When these types of incidents occur, it can lead to data loss. Without a backup ready, it can be nearly impossible to recover data.

The Risk of Not Having A Backup

It’s incredibly risky for businesses and organizations to not have a backup plan readily available. More issues than just data loss can impact your organization. The server running your organization’s operations could crash, and all the services it was performing could end up being unavailable for an extended period.

Cyber attacks can also make data recovery incredibly difficult – if not impossible. If a business experiences a ransomware attack, it would be unlikely to remove it without a backup or paying the ransom.

Don’t Leave Your Business Data Vulnerable. Data Backups are a Great Safety Net

Backups are a great digital safety net for many situations. At Acme Business, we want to ensure that your business is well-prepared and stays prepared with a consistent backup schedule for any emergency scenario where your valuable business data may be at risk. Your protection is the most important task and we will assist you with our full range of capabilities.

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