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Law enforcement agencies today face new challenges beyond traditional policing. This calls for a greater understanding of how managed cybersecurity helps police and investigatory agencies.

The threats out there are sometimes greater than parking violations and even violent crime. The new battlefield in criminal justice is the digital realm, where agencies must not only defend their own sensitive information – but just as importantly, protect and serve our people, businesses and communities.  

Cybercriminals have a sophisticated understanding of where, when and how to probe online for their benefit. They steal and do untold amounts of damage to businesses and individuals alike. Cyber crime damages globally are expected to eclipse $10.5 trillion by 2025.

So how does managed cybersecurity help law enforcement agencies? Let’s dive in!    

Managed Cybersecurity Helps Law Enforcement in So Many Ways

Again, the digital concern for police departments and other law enforcement agencies is two-fold. While protecting themselves, they must also have the capacity to investigate and prosecute online crimes. These can range from cyberstalking and fraud to significant, well-orchestrated criminal operations capable of crippling business and governmental systems. 

It’s admittedly difficult for law enforcement to recruit and retain cyber experts for a government wage, which heightens the stakes to protect your organization by proactively countering cyber threats so agencies are adequately defended to do their job of protecting others. Law enforcement is turning increasingly to managed cybersecurity experts.

Here’s why: 

Cybercrime Prevention & Detection

Managed cybersecurity services provide law enforcement organizations with advanced tools and strategies to detect and proactively combat cybercrimes. This includes monitoring network traffic for suspicious activities, identifying potential threats and analyzing data for patterns indicative of cybercriminal behavior. 

Managed security teams can also leverage threat intelligence to stay ahead of emerging threats, ensuring law enforcement stays ahead of the game.

Rapid Incident Response

In the digital world, time is of the essence. On average, cyber threats aren’t detected for a full week-and-a-half after infiltrating a network. By then, the damage is either long done – often via ransomware – or quickly launched and gone without a trace.

Managed cybersecurity services enable law enforcement agencies to respond swiftly to cyber incidents. When a breach occurs, the managed security team can analyze the incident’s scope, collect evidence and identify the perpetrators, all while adhering to legal standards. Rapid response not only minimizes damage, but also increases the chances of apprehending cybercriminals before they can strike again.

Digital Forensics & Evidence Gathering

The collection and preservation of digital evidence are critical aspects of modern law enforcement. Managed cybersecurity services offer expertise in digital forensics, helping agencies retrieve and analyze electronic evidence from various devices and online sources. 

This capability is critical for solving cybercrimes, building strong court cases and prosecuting the bad actors responsible. 

Security Awareness & Training

Your law enforcement agency, like any other organization, is only as good as its preparedness. You can only prepare for – and defend against – what you know. Yet, human error remains a significant factor in many cybersecurity incidents. 

So let’s practice some cybersecurity awareness.

Managed cybersecurity providers can advise law enforcement agencies with comprehensive training programs to educate personnel about cybersecurity best practices. Officers and staff can learn how to recognize phishing attempts, practice secure data handling and protect sensitive information.

Compliance & Regulatory Support

Law enforcement agencies must comply with various cybersecurity regulations and standards. Managed cybersecurity services assist agencies in understanding these requirements, ensuring sensitive data, such as criminal records and personal information, remains secure. Compliance experts keep agencies up to date with evolving regulations, reducing legal risks and potential liabilities.

Advanced Technology & Tools

Managed cybersecurity providers invest in cutting-edge technology and tools to stay ahead of cyber threats. At Acme Business, our commitment is demonstrated through established partnerships with powerhouse cybersecurity firms like SentinelOne. Law enforcement agencies can benefit from access to these resources without the need for significant upfront investments. 

Managed security solutions include intrusion-detection systems, threat intelligence platforms, and security information and event management (SIEM) tools, enabling agencies to double down on their cybersecurity posture.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Budget constraints are a common challenge for law enforcement agencies. (You know the struggle well.) 

Managed cybersecurity services offer cost-effective solutions by eliminating the need for agencies to build and maintain their own in-house cybersecurity infrastructure. Instead, you can pay for most services allow for payment on a subscription basis, optimizing resource allocation and reducing overall operational costs.

So Many Reasons to Invest in Managed Cybersecurity for Law Enforcement

Cyber threats are destined to continue evolving against the positive forces – like you – aiming to strike them down. Law enforcement agencies must adapt to protect their communities (and themselves) effectively. Managed cybersecurity services provide these agencies with the expertise, technology and support needed to combat cybercriminals and safeguard sensitive information. 

By choosing managed security for law enforcement, you can focus on your core mission: ensuring the safety and security of the public, both in the physical and digital realms. Managed cybersecurity is not just a tool; it’s a crucial ally in the ongoing battle against cybercrime.

James Finch, the owner of Acme Business, has completed The Criminal Justice Information Services Security Awareness Training. He received a Level 4 Security Awareness Certification, the highest distinction a cybersecurity expert can receive. Call Acme Business at (716) 372-1325, visit our website for expert guidance, and connect with us on LinkedIn.