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Speed. The ability to load what we need, when we need it, and as quickly as possible from the internet, the cloud, or even internal networks. Aging technology comes with a cost – even if you feel like you’re saving money by not buying the newest and best products available. It’s costing your business time and money in so many other ways. Obsolete technology costs US businesses about $2 billion every year!

Aging technology costs you in terms of:

And only a fool would believe all of those mentioned aren’t tied – directly or indirectly – to a business’s bottom line.

Understanding the Consequences of Aging Technology for Your Business

What happens when our business technology gets older? The useful life of most technologies – from laptops to servers – is generally just a few years. Proper maintenance may stretch their lifespan, but typically, both software and hardware begin to cause problems and become outdated. What’s more, newer versions come out frequently, offering greater capabilities that you (and your competitors) shouldn’t ignore.

When is it time to upgrade a device, to replace it with something new, or to go a different direction? Well, let’s look at some common tech problems and examples.

Aging Technology: Communications Issues

An aging switch or router can decrease the effectiveness of a network, causing frustration and problems. Even if it is only one part of the larger network, this can still create a bottleneck. Older routers and switches can often have problems with newer protocols and versions of communication. This can cause newer devices to not behave properly, or to not communicate at all. Ensuring that you have the proper IT topography for a network is critical for smooth and expedient data flow.

Aging Technology: Device Issues

Older, slower PCs, laptops and other devices can also cause frustration and problems. The loss of time can add up quickly waiting for an older PC to boot, to load a newer program, or to just perform a basic function a newer PC would have no issues with. Performing checks on PCs and laptops to make sure that they are still viable workspaces and not a source of issues will help streamline performance. Replacing them with newer, faster computers can alleviate this headache.

Aging Technology: Newer & More Effective Options

Upgrading from an older style to something new can be daunting at times. With cloud-based programming and storage becoming more and more prevalent, it could be time to see if this will work for your business, or if it’s not time to make the change to a newer system. A cloud-based system can eliminate some strings in daily work. The ability to work remotely – from home, a hotel room, on a plane, wherever you are – is a huge boon.

Avoiding the Costs of Aging Technology

If it’s a bad network cable, an underperforming piece of IT equipment, or just the desire to change the way things are done, Acme Business can help you make these ideas take flight. We can perform an IT posture assessment, giving your business a view of not just the weaknesses, but the strengths it has. Let our many years of experience work for you: to give you the fastest and most cutting-edge technology for your workspace.

Acme Business, a business tech firm in Olean, NY, can guide any of your digital technology needs. If you need help, call us at (716) 372-1325 or visit our website for expert guidance on keeping up to date. You can connect with us on LinkedIn, too!

“We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works.”
― Douglas Adams, Writer Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy