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Acme Business is committed to providing the latest and greatest in cybersecurity protection for customers. After all, if we all must survive and thrive in the 21st century digital realm, being able to operate safely online is often the first and most critical step. So our expert cybersecurity technicians always stay up to date on the most common cyber threats of the day.

Knowledge is power. The cybersecurity landscape changes daily, as cybercriminals only become more advanced and determined to infiltrate network systems for valuable information – or simply to sow chaos.

We’re Keeping an Eye on These Common Cyber Threats For Your Protection

A few months into 2023, here are two particularly common cyber threats that Acme Business has an eye on.


Ransomware attacks are on the rise again and will not be disappearing as a trend anytime soon. The exponential growth in the digital environment and the damage it can cause – for big and small organizations alike – ensure its place as an ever-present threat to business network systems. 

A culture shift to working from multiple devices at home, for both professional and personal purposes, has increased the cybersecurity focus on ransomware. One of the main ways to deter these types of attacks is a zero-trust security model, which Acme implements. 


Cryptojacking is ransomware’s more inconspicuous brother. It uses the same style of phishing attacks to breach a target but instead of holding it for ransom, it mines cryptocurrency by using the organization’s computer resources. 

Since the data is not being held for ransom, there are no obvious indications to the target. There are signs like lower performance of a computer and higher electric bills. Cryptocurrencies can appreciate in value and increase the incentive for bad actors to commit cryptojacking. Similarly to ransomware, implementing a zero-trust security model also helps deter cryptojacking.

Common Cyber Threats Call for Not-So-Common Cybersecurity Solutions

We’ve mentioned the zero-trust security model as a solution for these common cyber threats. A step further, one of the more exciting new services out there is Extended Detection and Response (XDR). XDR is a threat detection and response that provides a cloud-based service that encompasses a multitude of security-related data streams. 

If this sounds familiar it is one of the features provided by SentinelOne, our partner in cybersecurity solutions. XDR takes advantage of the extreme power of cloud-based data analytics to make sense of the data from endpoint protection agents like email security, identity and access management, network management, cloud security, threat intelligence, and threat hunting. 

Our cybersecurity solutions mitigate the risk of attacks – and often prevent them in the first place. To ease your mind, we also offer FREE insurance to every customer. Acme Business partners with SentinelOne to give our customers the SentinelOne Ransomware Warranty. With this coverage, you will be reimbursed up to $1,000 USD per affected computer, and up to a maximum of $1,000,000 USD per company. 

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