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James Finch, the owner of Acme Business, has recently completed The Criminal Justice Information Services Security Awareness Training. He received a Level 4 Security Awareness Certification, the highest distinction a cybersecurity expert can receive from CJIS.

With this certification, Acme Business can now provide any business or organization with expert-level cybersecurity services. Whether your company is a family-owned business, a police department, school district or nonprofit organization, Acme can secure your network, allowing you peace of mind and the freedom to focus on what’s most important to you: stability and growth. 

What Can a Cybersecurity Expert Do For Your Business or Organization?

As President & Owner of Acme Business, Mr. Finch leads a team of trained engineers to provide cybersecurity services at federal government-level standards. He has nearly 30 years of business technology experience, most of which has included building and protecting organizational networks in the digital realm. 

Here are just a few examples of what Acme Business can do for you – whether your organization requires a comprehensive package of managed IT & security services or simply guidance with managing your own online vulnerabilities.  

Managed Security Services

With our cybersecurity expert leading the charge, Acme Business provides state-of-the-art monitored and managed security services to your critical networks and technology infrastructure. We monitor and manage these systems 24/7, so problems won’t slip through the cracks

Sophisticated cyber criminals – sometimes acting alone or in powerful networks – exploit those cracks and slip in while you’re not looking. So Acme Business simply doesn’t let that happen. Through our cybersecurity management, advanced threat services, security monitoring and vulnerability management services, ACME Business defends your business technology from cybercrime attacks of all types, from all sources.

Security Management

We stay up to date daily with new information about cyber threats – available through threat intelligence and ongoing study – and combine that knowledge with security expertise to protect devices, networks and data. Our security management protects businesses and meets compliance regulations.

Advanced Threat Services

Acme Business can go a step further by working alongside cybersecurity industry leaders like SentinelOne to secure your precious data and prevent threats from reaching your business systems. 

Endpoints are the most vulnerable parts of your network. And they’re only growing more numerous (and thus more vulnerable) as employees use their personal devices and work in remote/hybrid environments. We apply advanced endpoint threat detection to monitor and alert for the continued system health of all managed technologies.

Security Monitoring

We deliver 24/7 real-time monitoring of your system environment. Cybersecurity monitoring is a strategy to detect threats, using automated software that scans your business network around-the-clock. If there’s a suspected threat, it’ll immediately alert the Security Incident and Event Management system to either automatically initiate security measures or alert our engineer response team to take action.

We also include log management and compliance reports to keep your business safe. Just as importantly, cybersecurity event monitoring to validate threats and eliminate false positives.

Vulnerability Management

​Acme Business takes threat intelligence and combines it with our work flow to help detect possible exploits in your business network, devices, servers, web applications, databases or other assets. We offer hands-on intelligence both onsite and through remote support at data centers throughout upstate New York and northwest Pennsylvania.

A Cybersecurity Expert on Your Team – Wherever & Whenever You Need It 

We must all live and learn to thrive in the digital age. A strong cybersecurity system is a vital resource for any successful business or organization. Having a system allows you to protect your hardware, network, and data from cyber threats and hackers that work tirelessly to break in for nefarious purposes.

Beyond a cybersecurity system alone, though, it’s even more helpful to have a cybersecurity expert like Jim Finch at the helm. Backed by his Level 4 Security Awareness Certification, he guides his team of business technology engineers – as well as your team, whatever roles they may serve. Together, you can build a web of protection around your valuable business operations and assets.

You improve your company credentials and credibility with the strongest possible security controls in place. This gives present and future customers extra confidence and peace of mind when working with you. Consider our cybersecurity expertise your digital insurance policy – further backed by an actual $1 million insurance policy available through SentinelOne.

There is no single security system that fits the needs of every business. So it’s important to get a personalized system to protect your business – and those you serve. If you need help, call Acme Business at (716) 372-1325 or visit our website for expert guidance on keeping up to date. You can connect with us on LinkedIn, too!