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Well, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity can definitely go hand-in-hand – in more ways than one. You likely know in recent years artificial Intelligence (AI) has gained more attention and popularity. Powerful programs like ChatGPT, which emerged earlier this year, are taking the world by storm and streamlining everyday professional tasks from coding to social media.

AI itself is a simulation of human intelligence processed by technology to make complicated decisions without human intervention. It analyzes data, looking for correlations and patterns so that it can choose and predict what happens next.

Some people may still picture AI as this evil machine bent on human destruction. But let’s not be silly. Instead, we need to view AI as a tool that humans can use to improve workplace productivity and enhance our way of living. We can use AI in ways most people wouldn’t even consider. You may be pleasantly surprised that it’s extremely effective in cybersecurity.

Artificial Intelligence & Cybersecurity: How We Can Use AI to Improve Processes

Managed correctly, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity are an ideal match in a lot of business IT settings. AI is used in useful applications like:

  • Machine learning for advanced malware analysis tools that can keep pace with complex hacks and scams always under development by sophisticated cyber criminals.
  • Intrusion-detection systems that compare the “normal” behavior of your business’s traffic and spot anomalies that reveal malicious traffic from a network breach.
  • AI and endpoint-security solutions can be implemented at the hardware level to protect devices against emerging threats.
  • AI can collect massive amounts of data to detect malicious actors, even if they seem imperceivable.

Sound impressive? Let’s explore more specifically how artificial intelligence and cybersecurity can help business technology for organizations large, small and everywhere in between.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence & Cybersecurity For Your Business

Implementing AI can reduce the stress on operations from multiple perspectives – including supplementing and automating processes. This not only enhances the effectiveness of IT tasks, but also improves efficiency greatly. (And we, of course, agree how much that means to your bottom line.)

Free Up Your Staff

Time is money. Reduce the burden on your IT staff by using artificial intelligence for cybersecurity tasks – so they don’t have to. Humans sifting through giant amounts of data on their own to troubleshoot cybersecurity issues takes valuable time.

AI analyzes large amounts of data in less time and identifies peculiar behavior or outright malicious activity, like a zero-day attack.

Improve the Effectiveness of Your Cybersecurity

AI learns over time and can better itself in the identification and examination of cyber threats – and even false positives that also may sap your time and resources. The more data AI has “experienced” means more patterns known to identify unusual activity to block potential breaches.

AI’s self-learning makes it harder for bad actors to gain ground on your network and devices.

Optimize Your Team Tasks

AI makes for greater scalability and cost savings. Remember that whole time is money thing? Well, since it can identify threats faster than any human, AI reduces security response times to security incidents and even may automate the process entirely.

That optimizes resources to focus on other areas.

Think about it. Would your IT staff better serve your business by tackling more or different tasks – perhaps serving 20 clients per day rather than three, improving your video conferencing capacity, or maybe finally figuring out your email problem?

SentinelOne Uses Artificial Intelligence in its Cybersecurity Software

Artificial intelligence, used correctly, can lower the cost of defending against cyber threats. Here at Acme Business, a business-tech firm in Olean, NY that offers managed cybersecurity services, we use artificial intelligence in cybersecurity every day. AI available in partnership with SentinelOne allows us to serve many more clients more quickly and more effectively. Relying on the AI power of SentinelOne not only protects your business, but is also cloud-based for less reliance on physical devices and their limitations. Call Acme Business at (716) 372-1325 and connect with us on LinkedIn. We can provide you with a quote that best suits your business needs.