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Many cybersecurity specialists are focused on the great benefits of zero trust security today. But what does that even mean to business decision-makers like yourself? Previously, many businesses used a perimeter-based security model before that helped to defend against cyber threats outside the network. Perimeter security is now obsolete, and zero trust is its far superior replacement.


In this ever-changing digital landscape that governs business IT and commerce daily, zero trust security is a powerful choice to address the most common cyber threats today. As always, it’s best to define what you might not know and work to develop proactive solutions from there.

What is Zero Trust Security?

Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) is a plan that utilizes the concepts and encompasses component relationships, workflow planning and access policies for your business network. The difference is that it does not focus on just the network perimeter. Zero trust is a framework that applies identity verification and controlled systems to every user accessing your business network for any reason at all times.  Used correctly, it effectively secures individual assets and data.

It assumes that every user is an attacker and does not “trust” anyone, and makes them verify they are who they say they are. The saying “Never Trust, Always Verify” is synonymous with this cybersecurity methodology. Zero trust security is a comprehensive architecture featuring multiple concepts and ideas designed to minimize uncertainty in enforcing the least privilege per request.

With the cybersecurity architecture defined, now we can confidently unpack exactly how it works.

How Can Zero Trust Security Benefit My Business?

Implementing zero trust sounds like a big step, but the benefits can greatly improve the security of your business.

Monitoring & Alerting

It improves monitoring and alerting for your network and devices for suspected threats – both external and internal. It’s particularly beneficial in this “new normal” of remote and hybrid work, as your team may frequently be accessing your network from different locations and using personal devices.

Using the power of SentinelOne, our cybersecurity partner, to monitor a zero trust security framework is extremely useful. Zero trust allows extended detection & response (XDR) and artificial intelligence (AI) to detect security issues and initiate a rapid response to cybersecurity threats.

Greater Flexibility to Tech Changes

It also allows for flexibility when moving apps, data and services. Business technology evolves rapidly – and rightfully so, because business and technological capacity move in lockstep. Your technology and the methods used must suit your needs now and into the future.

Before zero trust, IT services like applications and data management were harder to manage. Moving apps and data from physical data centers and recreating policies at the new location cost time and money. It was very time-consuming, and mistakes in relaunching cybersecurity protocols would inevitably cause security vulnerabilities.

Zero trust works via the Cloud. It’s “plug and play,” and effective regardless of location.

Centralized Cybersecurity Management

It also centralizes cybersecurity policies and tactics, and makes them easier to manage. Automation tools also allow for easy migration when needed.

Is Zero Trust Security the Right Solution for Your Business? Let’s Discuss Your Needs

Zero trust is an insurance policy against lost or stolen data from your company or organization. The cost of a single data breach is $105,000 on average! And sophisticated cybercriminals and other bad actors online are always adapting and growing to exploit network weaknesses for their financial gain.

So it’s of the utmost importance to use one of the best practices in managed IT and cybersecurity. View the effort of implementing zero trust architecture as a worthwhile investment.

At Acme Business, we utilize zero trust security as part of our managed security services. Additionally, our partnership with SentinelOne’s immense cybersecurity capacity has created the ultimate power team. Give us a call at (716) 372-1325 and connect with us on LinkedIn. Our experts can tailor managed IT services to your unique business needs.