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Acme Business knows the current trends and best practices for business IT. Those are the perfect ways to begin your business’s cybersecurity journey. We use this expertise every day to improve your business cybersecurity. Tactics may include implementing defense in depth strategy, adding more features to your backup solutions, and so much more.

Let’s explore some powerful methods to superpower cybersecurity at your business – so you can worry less about cyber threats and more about facilitating growth.

Looking to Improve Your Business Cybersecurity? Try These Effective Ways

As you know, cybersecurity at any business or organization is a must-have. There are – and always have been – sophisticated cyber criminals looking to exploit business networks for sensitive data for financial gain or simply to sow chaos.

Here are some great strategies:

Use a Defense In Depth Strategy

Defense in depth is an information security strategy that integrates people, technology, and business capabilities to establish barriers across multiple layers of defense. This is a truly comprehensive approach to protecting critical information and services.

The advantage is if a layer gets compromised, the threat can still be stopped and shut down by other security layers. Properly executed, this strategy stops attacks as they are happening and prevents possible damage.

That means if a hacker infiltrates your network, it’s not the end of everything. A defense in depth strategy buys more time to initiate countermeasures to limit chances of a successful data breach. We utilize our partnership with SentinelOne and its next-generation identity and AI-based endpoint protection. It’s a great tag-team solution against hackers.

We use their extended detection & response (XDR) solutions to monitor local processes in real-time and analyze their behaviors in detail. From there, we can identify the malicious code with high specificity and take immediate mitigation steps.

Make Your Backups Do More Work For Your Business

In the article Why Data Backups are Important For Your Business, we discussed that regular data backups are an important safety net. For any business, backups are going to be the last resort when faced with a cyberattack.

But here’s where cybercriminals “getcha.” They know how critical this backed-up data is, and that’s why they try to compromise it first. They want to make recovery impossible so your business must pay them to regain access to it. On average, they ask for $500,000-$600,000.

Backups are important to improve your business cybersecurity. It’s just as important to know what your backup solutions can do for you:

Anomaly Detection

This would detect all major ransomware variants and use behavior-based monitoring to detect inconsistencies in the file metadata.

Immutable Backups

Essentially locking down backups for a set time so no user can make changes or delete them.

Backup Comparison

Comparing older backups to newer ones to isolate possible ransomware infections. This process also analyzes modifications that may have been made between copies.

Operating System Compliance Checks

Identifying the version of the OS. If it’s not the latest version, your software will automatically send reminders for updates. Operating systems updates often come with built-in patches and other fixes to cybersecurity issues.

Acme Business: Your Partner in Improving Your Business Cybersecurity

If you’re interested in learning more about managed IT and cybersecurity services, chat with the experts here at Acme Business. In addition to noted cybersecurity partners like SentinelOne, we also work with data management systems by Kyocera, among many other products and services. Acme Business owner James Finch, Jr. also leads his team with a Level 4 Security Awareness certification, the highest offered by the Criminal Justice Information Services.

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